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„In-Country / In-Region Scholarship Programme“ – Call for Scholarship Applications for 2020

As part of the „In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Programme” DAAD offers scholarships for Master and PhD studies in Education for candidates from East Africa via the CERM-ESA programme. If you are interested, please find the call for applications here: Call for Scholarship Applications_Ostafrika CERM-ESA 2020 For the application procedure click here: Application-Procedure Application closing date is the 31st of January 2020.

Call for applications: two UOL participation scholarships for CERM-ESA Research School in Port Elizabeth (26 Jan – 8 Feb 2020)

Please check out our call for applications for two participation scholarships (travel and accommodation) for Oldenburg Master of Education students to join our annual CERM-ESA Research School in Port Elizabeth in January/February 2020! Application deadline is the 22nd of November 2019. You find the call here: Ausschreibung_Masters_UOL_2019

CERM-ESA is offering its third international CABLES programme – in Accra!

The third offering of CERM-ESA’s Capacity Building Programme for Lecturers and Supervisors (CABLES) has kicked-off successfully in Accra this morning. A group of 25 participants representing the – West African-German Centre of Excellence for Governance for Sustainable and Integrative Local Development – West African-German Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Rural Transformation – Congolese-German Centre of Excellence for Microfinance – Ghanaian-German Centre of Excellence for Development Studies and the – Namibian-German Centre of Excellence for Logistics are engaging in questions of postgraduate supervision, curriculum development and interpersonal competencies for excellent teaching. The week-long professional development programme is the last in a row of three international and cross-disciplinary CABLES offerings that DAAD has sponsored for those lecturers, researchers and supervisors, who contribute to the success of the Centres of African Excellence.
Participants and facilitators of the CABLES@WA2019 Programme from 14-19 October in Accra
If you are interested in the programme, please click here: CABLES-WA2019_brochure_A5-V01-1.

University Pedagogy: Programme for Lecturers and Supervisors of Moi University

After two successful offerings of CERM-ESA'S 'Capacity Building Programme for Lecturers and Supervsiors' (CABLES) in Port Elizabeth and Zanzibar, a third CABLES programme is taking place at Moi University in the week of the 3rd to the 8th of June 2019. 100 lecturers and supervisors of all 14 Schools of Moi University participate in the training programme which is designed to support lecturers and supervisors to sharpen their skills in supervision, teaching strategies and research coherence. Excellent facilitation is guaranteed by Prof Michael Samuel, Dr Noluthando Toni and Prof Naydene de Lange. The next step will be a 'train-the-trainer' programme to extend the pool of facilitators for the CABLES programme and enable more offerings under the umbrella of CERM-ESA in future.  

Another CERM-ESA graduate completing with distinction

The CERM-ESA family is proud of our second doctoral scholarship holder graduating in February 2019! Janeth Chemeli did her PhD through CERM-ESA at Moi University and worked on the 'Utilization of Formative Assessment Strategies in Mathematics Instruction and their Impacts on Learner Achievement in Secondary Schools in Kenya'. After her successful defense she was overwhelmed and expressed her gratitude to CERM-ESA and DAAD for all the support and mentoring she had received during her three yeears of scholarship. Congratulations, Janeth! Well done!

CERM-ESA offers up to six DAAD in-country/ in-region Master’s scholarships and up to two PhD scholarships!

THE EAST AND SOUTH AFRICAN-GERMAN CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES AND MANAGEMENT (CERM-ESA) at Moi University announces up to 6 Masters Scholarships for our Master of Education in Research Programme, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) starting from the 1st of September 2019 Please read the full text here: Announcement for scholarships in Masters in Education Research at Moi University and up to 2 PhD Scholarships in Sociology of Education funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) starting from the 1st of September, 2019 Please read the full text here: Announcement for PhD scholarships in Sociology of Education at Moi University