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CERM-ESA’s Research Programme encompasses the postgraduate research projects carried out by scholarship holders within CERM-ESA, conferences and conference participation. Following constructivist learning theories and a social change agenda, CERM-ESA’s research approach prioritizes contextualized and evidence-based methodologies, which are participatory, creative and engaged. Umbrella research areas have been identified as most relevant in the contexts in which our partner universities and their Schools / Faculties of Education work and they include, among others: Community Schools and Engagement for Social Development, Languages, Arts and Indigenous Knowledge; Education for Sustainable Development and Curriculum Development. A collaborative research project between all partners focusing on the three key competencies of problem solving, creativity and critical thinking in the teacher education curriculum and teaching practice has been conceptualized for 2019-2022.

Along CERM-ESA’s focus areas, two conferences have been organized so far: a) ‘Rethinking Education Research in African Contexts’ (2015, Moi University) and b) ‘Beyond Boundaries: Inclusion, Diversity and Transformation in Schools and Universities in East and South Africa and Germany’ (2018, Oldenburg University).

2015 CERM-ESA International Conference 2018 CERM-ESA International Conference
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